We’re here to build your apps and backend systems.

We’re a small, passionate group of software engineers with decades of experience building apps and backend systems that move companies forward. You tell us what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

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how it works

What we do and how we do it

Smart backend and data processing systems

Effective data management is a pillar of any successful business. Our teams develop and build scalable backend systems, data processing pipelines, and workflows that will have your business-critical apps up and running…and running…and running.

Apps for an loT world

Connected devices are becoming the norm and businesses everywhere are struggling to keep up. loT apps are our specialty, and we get the challenges of the hardware-software ecosystem better than anyone.

The personal touch

You tell us your end goal and we take it from there. We manage projects, both short- and long-term, from end-to-end. We're small, passionate, and we care — and you'll see it from day one.


Our work

We're proud to work with businesses of all sizes. Maybe you're on a seed round, maybe you have thousands of employees worldwide — either way, you have challenges that need to be solved. We're here to help.

Have an idea?

We've worked with business of all sizes, from startups to enterprise, and we get it. Our approach is simple, we help you get past internal capacity issues, bureaucratic bottlenecks, lack of flexibility, and the thousands of other things that get in the way of market-ready products. Get in touch and let's get to work!

let's work together
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The team

Co-founders, engineers, developers, CTOs…the Cookielab team has been around the block. We bring together a wealth of experience from enterprise businesses, startups, agencies, and more to build systems that work for you — and fit your organization.

Martin Homolka

Martin Homolka

Radek Míka

Radek Mika

Jakub Kohout

Jakub Kohout

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Let's do big things.

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