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Looking for a CTO or dev team to build your app?

It can take months just to hire a development team and someone to lead it — months that could have been spent doing actual development work. So, why hold back your progress?

With us, you get our experienced team ready to roll up our sleeves and get things done.

Why Cookielab?

We have tons of experience from companies like Socialbakers, Shipito or Goodbaby.

After Cookielab was founded, we’ve helped Actijoy, Bonami, Carvago, Cybex or Kiwi.

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Tons of Experience!

Our team can give you the whole package - from product definition through CTO to development team.

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How does it work

You have the idea for a great app or brilliant system, we know how to get it done.

Our investment is in the form of technical work, experience and know-how transfer. We will help you to get the MVP and get your ideas to life. In return we would like to be shareholders of your company and be part of your success.

What’s the process

Let’s get to

know each other

First, we would like to get to know the founders, their idea, vision and product.

Find the

right place

We check the market and its potential as well as the probable project’s size.

Build the

right product

We will scope the MVP together, estimate it and get back to you.

Up to

the moon

Once we agree on conditions, we’ll start getting you closer to your goal.

Sounds like something you would like to do?

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