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Secure, reliable infrastructure

From startups to established platforms. We set up and streamline infrastructure for startups, established businesses, and everyone in between.

We're experienced in DevOps for AWS, GCP, and Azure. We work with containers in Kubernetes and AWS ECS. And, we're not afraid to go server-less either, be it Lambda or a DB.

Cookielab DevOps services

DevOps architecture

We will help you build the architecture for your new project, or streamline the existing one. Our primary focus is optimizing both technology and cost.

Complete infrastructure management

Our team, headed by Jakub Kohout, will build and run the entire infrastructure for any and every project, big or small.

DevOps consulting

We advise companies of all sizes on how to build and maintain an infrastructure that can withstand everyday usage and extraordinary holiday rushes.

why cookielab

Experienced CTOs icon

Experienced CTOs

Our founders are not afraid to jump into projects and get their hands dirty

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Quality Over Quantity

We focus on a few projects and prefer long-term cooperation

Business Mind icon

Minds for Business

We think about your software in context of your company and business

Tight Team icon

Tight Team

We know our capabilities and processes, and we pull together for every project

We are masters of these technologies

We will design, build and manage the most efficient infrastructure possible, and we'll build it all to your exact specifications.


Kubernetes (EKS, ECR, ALB Ingress, IRSA, SpotFleet)

GitLab (self-hosted, GitLab runners)


AWS S3 & CloudFront & WAF

ElastiCache (Redis) & Aurora PostgreSQL & OpenSearch (Elasticsearch) & DocumentDB (MongoDB)

Monitoring / alerting - Cloudwatch / DataDog / Grafana stack / ELK/EFK stack

Backup, recovery, migration (multiple paths)

IaaC (Terraform, Ansible, Helm)

AWS Graviton instance

We also have experience with

GCP (Google Cloud) and Azure

CircleCI / TravisCI / GitHub Actions

Current DevOps partners

Past projects

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